Commercial Landscaping

Do you want to breathe life back into your property and make it look as appealing as possible?

At Js’ Garden Works we are proud to offer top quality service on a large scale to our commercial landscaping customers. We understand that having a beautiful and sustainable landscape on your commercial property is essential to properly reflect your business. We have adjusted to the dry climate of Bakersfield and the surrounding areas by offering our clients XeriScape Low Maintenance Landscape.


This type of landscape is an environmentally friendly water wise landscape that uses anywhere from 50-75% less water than normal landscapes. It reduces the need for supplemental water from irrigation and in turn we can implement a low water usage drip system to complement the XeriScape Landscape. Regardless of the job, you can trust the seasoned professionals at Js’ Garden Works to deliver on your landscaping dreams quickly, efficiently, and at a competitive price.