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Customized Water Features

Water features have many compelling benefits!

Whether you decide to include a fountain, a waterfall or a pond in your personalized landscaping design, any of these choices will create many added perks.

In addition to the added value to your Bakersfield home, flowing water from a fountain or waterfall helps to mask and absorb the noises associated with city living. 

Running water produces negative ions, which attract dust and other pollutants and help to purify the air around you, enhancing air quality.

Birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and small wildlife are drawn to water as a means of sustaining life. Once your water feature is installed, your yard will attract any number of colorful creatures as they use the water to drink and bathe. 

Being in close proximity to water soothes the body and mind, and allows you to reach a healthy level of relaxation, peace, and wellness.